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Stray Pulse Production was founded in 2020 by Michael Roberson and Lelia Rosenkrans in order to capture and harness the raw physicality and emotional landscapes we traverse as both humans and dancers. Stray Pulse comes as a continuation of collaborative works between Michael and Lelia, providing an formal name and structure to a team that has been creating since 2016. 


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GLITCH - 2021

GLITCH -- is a 12 minute dance on film work exploring the ideas of isolation, mental health, and the cyclical nature of self-development. 

*Awarded Honorable Mention - Mobile Dance Film Festival 2021

 Screening at 92nd Street Y in New York City - July 2021


S[H]IFT - 2020

S[H]IFT -- is a 15 minute dance on film work that plays with the idea of temporal memories being caught in the space they were created, and the stacking of these memories as time continues on. 


Coronavirus Happenings

Inspired by the postmodernists of  the 60s/70s, and the closure of spaces during the Covid-19 pandemic, Stray Pulse worked to create a series of mini dance on film works inspired by different environments/everyday objects and locales. 

Blackbird - 2020

Blackbird -- a 3.5 minute mini dance film work inspired by the brilliant song "Blackbird" by Nina Simone. Created during the BLM protests of 2020 following the murder of George Floyd.


Momentary Tower Talent Show - 2020

Our video submission was chosen as a finalist to be projected on to the Momentary's Tower as a part of their MO Tower Talent Show 2020.


Watch screen capture of our video premiering during the live feed HERE

A Last Dance - 2019

Duet exploring the ends of relationships and what comes after. Work was originally produced and premiered as a part of NACHMO! Boston 2019.


Vicinity - 2019

Modern dance trio delving into the effects of energy and influence of others on social and societal trajectories. Premiered at Tank Theater in NYC.

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